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* Yumi Tohyama

 March 6 - 20
 12:00-19:00 closed on sun & holidays

'Dual Letter', a unique lettering system created by Yumi Tohyama that can be read in both English and Japanese, is an ongoing project. Although her starting point was originally the creation of characters that read on both face and back, she has recently begun to beleive that "the power of a world lies between two things, that is non dual". This time we exhibit Tohyama's experimental new series of work.



 30 March(mon)ー 11 April(san)
 12:00-19:00 日祝休

New works


* Satomi Yamauchi


10 - 28 February

12:00- 19:00 closed on Sun & Holiday

This photography is based in Florida U.S.A, where the artist herself spent her early childfood, and visits her first time in 21 years. "VERO BEACH", located in Southeast Florida is the small twon of 15,000 population. "ORLANDO", the center of Florida is where known for its huge amusement park area.
Based these two locations, Satomi reimagines herself old memories and her utopia, and archives.

* January 2015

29 December 2014 - 4 January 2015

Wishing all of you a great festive season and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.
Best wishes from all of us at GALLERY 360'.




9 - 27 December
12:00 - 19:00 closed on sun & holiday

We're pleased to announce Yoko Ono "GLOBE PEACE".
It is 14th exhibition by Yoko Ono at our gallery since "Blue Room Event" in 1996.
There are eight globes on stands of different heights, set around the space, and various wax crayons and chalk and charcoal etc, for you to draw your own countries and borders, and rags for you to erase and make changes.
Please join the exhibition and participate in Yoko Ono's "GLOBE PEACE" by following her instructions "make your own".

message from Yoko Ono


* Erika Kobayashi

She looks into the mirror

25 November - 6 December
12:00繝シ19:00 closed on sun & holiday

She said- you can tell if it's Real or Fake by holding Diamond next to Radium.

Erika Kobayashi is an artist and a writer. Her first novel "Breakfast with Madame Curie" was nominated for the 27th Mishima Yukio Prize and the 151st Akutagawa Ryunosuke Prize. This exhibition "She Looks into the Mirror" is based on the story of the Mirror and Jewelry.




6 - 21 November
12:00-19:00 closed on sun & holiday

"Rebirth - it is like the Big Bang.
To draw heartbeat, the time to live in now, the primal rhythm and energy. It's more today, and more now! I abstract myself and continue to draw." - SASAKI
The Heartbeat Drawing that has been continued by SASAKI. This exhibition presents his new works and new progress. We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.



in - brain

15 October - 1 November
12:00 - 19:00 closed on sun & holiday


Sereies of "Cosmic Fantasy"
in - brain all of us have the 'universe' in our brain.

The human brain is the collection of a hundred billion of neurons.
The neurons in brain are bound together to create a network,
which is as complicated as the structures of the galaxies in the whole universe.
The human brain, which is consisted of the elements prepared by the universe,
is one system that works in accordance with the complex law of physics similar to the cosmic one, while consciousness and mind are ingenerated by the neuron network in brain to perceive what is going on around, and we take action accordingly.
Like the grand structure of the galaxies in the expansive space, the neuron network in brain incubates our complex consciousness and mind.
All of us have the 'universe' in our brain.

A wonder how 'human consciousness' is generated from the brain in material form.
There might be 'space consciousness' in the universe in material form.
Kanji Kawabata



25 September - 11 October
12:00-19:00 closed on sun & holiday



2 - 20 September
12:00-19:00 closed on sun & holiday

Light, optical refraction, transparent, reflectional, and polyhedron... Miwako Akatsu's new paintings including some shaped canvasses.

Suzy Amakane
Mel Bochner
Takashi Homma
Erika Kobayashi
Shigeru Moroizumi
Kyoko Nagashima
Yoko Ono
Eric Snell

18th - 30th August
12:00-19:00 closed on sun & holiday

* Shigeru Moroizumi
邃�-Alphabet II
...Pulsating words...

10th July - 26th July
12:00-19:00 closed on sun & holiday

邃�-Alphabet II...Pulsating words...
The thermometers are assembled in the shape of alphabetical letters to form words, and the words pulsate to the daily change of air temperature along with the red temperature line running inside....
Yes, your warm body temperature would make it happen...


Vito Acconci
Mel Bochner
Jan Dibbets
Klaus Rinke
Lawrence Weiner etc

drawing, multiples, prints, poster etc

12:00-19:00 closed on Sun & Hoilday



14 - 28 April
12:00-19:00 closed on sun & holiday
Shusaku Arakawa
Joseph Beuys
Robert Indiana
Jasper Johns
Ellthworth Kelly
James Rosenquist
Andy Warhol


*Takahiko Kawamura

March 19 - April 5
12:00-19:00 closed on sun & holiday
new painting


*Aiko Yamada
globe amaranth field

March 3 - 15
12:00-19:00 closed on sun & holiday
new works and artists books


*Fumio Tachibana "Katakoto"

Febrary 14 - 28
12:00-19:00 closed on sun & holiday
Installation work




9th December - 18th January
12:00-19:00 closed on sun & holiday
winter holidays : 26 Dec.- 5 Jan.
We are pleased to announce Yoko Ono's "ARISING".
"ARISING" is an installation including a participatory work for women in the world.
You can get further information at PDF File,
To all women, we cordially invite you to participate in the work.



26 (sat) October - 9 (sat) November
12:00-19:00 closed on sun & holiday
Installation works of light and shadow.



16 wed - 23 wed October
12:00-19:00 closed on sun & holiday
Since several years ago, in search to create new form of expression to depict the brightness of light, Sugawara develops Collodion Process, combining classical photo processing and latest digital technique.
His latest photobook "Daylight | Blue" was published in August. The exhibition is showed some prints of "Amami","Komorebi" and "Tsugaru" including the photobook "Dayliht".

[the exhibition for BLUE]
16 - 23 October 12:00-19:00
Aoyama Cube 101, 3-3-3 Minamiaoyama Minato-ku

guest curator: Keishin Nakaseko
cooperate with WOW

[Daylight | Blue]
published on 23 August 2013
price : 6,300-
set of two books 68pp each in case 320Hx257Wmm
designed by Shin Maruyama


"Wasurerarenaino (I CAN'T FORGET...)"

20 September (fri) - 5 October(sat)
12:00-19:00closed on Sun & Holiday
I can't forget...
you, me, her, him, it, past, future and now...

Erika Kobayashi's latest publication is "Wasurerarenaino (I can't forget)",
the first book of her collected works,
including texts, comics, drawings and art works.

"Wasurerarenaino (I can't forget)" published by Seidosha
graphic design:Kazunari Hattori
A5:210テ�148mm, soft cover, 198pp(color 128pp)

a book with drawing in original box. edition of 20(signed and numbered)


Jochen Grommeck
Takashi Homma
Tetsumi Kudo
Kyoko Nagashima
Richard Long
Edward Paolozzi
Cy Twombly
25 July - 31 August 12:00 - 19:00 closed on Sun & Holiday
Summer Holiday 12 - 17 August


*Suzy Amakane "International Comics"

2nd - 20th July 12:00 - 19:00
closed on sun & holiday

Suzy Amanake's new paintings with animation characters in the world.


*Shigeru Moroizumi "Field Works Iceland...Fukushima"

10th - 29th June 12:00 - 19:00
closed on sun & holiday

Shigeru Moroizumi has held several exhibitions in overseas, such as Taipei and Beijing since he held a solo exhibition at Gallery 360 in 2007. This exhibition will be for the first time in 6 years at the gallery.
He has been doing field works at Fukushima and Iceland after the disaster of 3.11 in Japan. At this exhibition, he will show the DVD movie which documented the installations of thermometers on various points of both places, and new works by photographs with mixed media.

Our apologies and change for "other projects"

The performance of Raffaella Della Olga (from OuUnPo) due for june 20 is canceled.
We apologize for this last minute change.
You may find more info of the project Godzilla and The Phoenix by OuUnPo here:

About "Color Hunting" at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT will be stared at 21st June, as previously scheduled. it will be an interactive installation using 3,000 thermometers in 10 colors. Please participate in the art and the exhibition. Also please note that an admission fee is required for the exhibition.

Interactive art using 3,000 thermometers in 10 colors
21 June - 6 October 11:00 - 20:00 (Entrance until 19:30) closed on tuesdays
General 1,000- / University Student 800- / High and Junior High School Student 500- / Ages 12 and under may enter for free *200- discount for a group of over 15 people
*With a certification of disability, admission is free as well as that of an accompanying care-giver.


*Japanese Posters around '70

10 - 31 May 12:00 - 19:00 closed on sun & holiday

Isetan, Odakyu, Expo 70's, Zero-Jigen, Sasori-Za, Tenjo-Sajiki, JAL etc

It is displayed Japanese posters during 1968 - 1971.



APRIL 12:00 - 19:00 closed on Sun & Holiday

Takashi Homma
Kyoko Nagashima
Shigeru Moroizumi
Heartbeat drawing SASAKI
Lawrence Weiner
During the end part of March to the end of April, the above artists' works are displayed.


*Heartbeat Drawing SASAKI

1 March (fri) - 19 March (tue)
12:00 - 19:00 closed on sun.

In this exhibition, Gallery 360 Degrees in Tokyo and SASAKI's studio in LA are connected through skype, and the installation of daily heartbeat drawing is carried out in real time.
'Peer-to-Peer' is an application architecture of network communications among peers, and peers are equally privileged participants in the application.
(Skype is an abbreviation of 'Sky Peer-to-Peer.) The concept has inspired new structures and philosophies in many areas of human interaction. This exhibition can be said to be the collaboration of 'Peer-to-Peer' and 'Heartbeat Drawing'.
At the same time, The Painting-Books which were recently produced in the presence of an audience at LA ART BOOK FAIR, MOCA (The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles) will be displayed in this exhibition.


Joachm Grommeck

12:00 - 19:00 closed on Sun & Holiday



*Yoko Ono Water Source

10 December, 2012 - 26 January, 2013
12:00 - 19:00 closed on Sun & Holiday
23 Dec - 6 Jan -Winter Holidays

Yoko Ono's WATER SOURCE (2012) combines PARTS OF A LIGHT HOUSE (1966) and a participatory work TIME TO TELL YOUR LOVE (2012) which includes an element "prove your love". For those who participate they will receive a gift from the artist and the photograph taken will be placed on the wall. For the work My Mommy Is Beautiful (2004), you are also invited to bring an image of your mother and write thoughts or remembrances about her to add to the canvas.


*Kyoko Nagashima THERE

1 - 22 November
12:00 - 19:00 closed on Sun & Holiday

We are pleased to announce you the solo exhibition of Kyoko Nagahsima, which is the first exhibition after she returned from Paris and it has been 2 years since her last exhibition in our gallery.She will exhibit a new series of her recent works "There". She unfolds spaces that continue to 'over there' from 'here' and 'now' ; spaces for us to place our 'shadow'. She visualizes her unique perspective world with use of 3D lenticular acrylic lenses and light boxes.



12:00 - 19:00 closed on Sun & Holiday

Lother Baumgarten
K.P Brehmer
Dan Graham
Roni Horn


*Takashi Homma

July 25 (wed)- August 25 (sat)
12:00 - 19:00 closed on sun & holiday
Summer Holidays : 10 - 16 August


*Fumio Tachibana FOREST II

8th (fri) - 20th (wed) June
12:00 - 19:00 closed on sun & holiday


*The Rainbow Dinner Event to celebrate AY-O's 81st birthday in the evening on 19th May 2012

May 19th 6:30 - 8:30pm
Participation fee : 3,000- needs resavation by e-mail
Capacity : 30 audience

Dear AY-O's freinds,

AY-O who is holding a large retrospective exhibition, AY-O : Over the Rainbow Once More" at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo for three month from February, will reach his 81st birthday on 19th May.

Gallery 360ツー is planning a rainbow dinner on 19th May to celebrate his birthday and the great success of the exhibition. We would like you to join in sharing the rainbow dinner while making the Fluxus Concert.

We would be very pleased for those it is difficult to come from overseas to join the rainbow dinner. Could you please send us some text messages for his birthday, something like drawing in PDF file, or some instruction which we may use to perform at the concert to the following e-mail address?

E-mail address :

Usual mail format or PDF files are acceptable.

We will print them out and put on the walls. After the completion of the party we will compile them to give AY-O for his birthday gift.

It is very much appreciated if you could send us your message, even a word, although you may be engaged in the events commemorate the 50th anniversary of Fluxus.

Best regards,



10 April(tue) - 10 May(thu)
12:00~19:00 closed on sun & holidays

Hiroshi Yamasaki has created many experimental photograph works and images from the beginning of the '70s. 縲�Those works exceed the genre of a photograph and gave a big shock to the whole art fields.縲�Work of Yamasaki was original and was one incident.

It will be showed about 30 works including his masterpiece "Heliography" at the exhibtion.

21 April(sat) ARTIST'S TALK : Hiroshi Yamazaki, Takashi Homma, Yuri Mitsuda
addmission fee : 500yen, 50 audinece only

"HELIOGRAPHY" A4 size, offset, 7 sheets+ a text "NOTE" by Hiroshi Yamazaki in the envelope, edition 300




7 December ~ 28 January
12:00~19:00 closed on sun & holiday
New year holiday 25 Dec ~ 9 Jan

I WANT YOU TO REMEMBER ME / OBOETETE is a dramatic new installation of YOKO ONO dealing with shattered lives,loss and remembrance. Inspired by her own experiences of growing up in war-torn Japan, displacement and awareness of


*COOL 4 vol.2

1st (thu) ~ 24th (sat) July
12:00~19:00 closed on sun & hoilday

Dan Baldwin
Camille Rose Garcia




May 20th (thu) ~
12:00~19:00 closed on sun & hoilday

Suzy Amakane
Jan Dibbets
Takashi Homma
Kyoko Nagashima
Eduarudo Paolozzi


*Aquirax Uno "Champagne Opera"

15th April ~ 8th May 2010
12:00~19:00 closed on san & holiday

A sculpture on the top of a metal stopper of champagne bottle.
A small drama as light as a bubble. by Aquirax Uno



26th March(fri) - 17th April(sat)
12:00~19:00 closed on san & holiday

Eition works from
John Armleder, Mel Bochner, Jan Dibbets, Roni Horn, Imi Knowbel, Richard Long etc



2nd (tue) - 20th (sat) March 2010
12:00~19:00 closed on sun & holiday

We're pleased to announce the exhibition of Kyoko Nagashima.
The exhibition presents her new works, "combination series", which are compositions of 2D holography panels,
and "box series", which are 2D holography panels and mirrors to reflect them both embedded inside small boxes.
In both of the series, she composed them to increase the visual effects of holography panels on which
severaldifferent images are magnified when viewed from different angles.
you can see the new development of the works of Kyoko Nagashima.



2(tue) - 20(sat) February
12:00~19:00 closed on san & holiday

it is showed 60's psychedelic posters of Peter Max etc.


*FLUXUS printed matters in 60's~70's

5 (tue) - 30 (sat) January 2010
12:00~19:00 closed on sun & holiday

19:00~ 30th(sat) January




5th (sat) - 25th (fri) December
12:00~19:00 closed on sun & hoildays

This is the new work created in Japan. We would appreciate your visiting the gallery and viewing the new artwork.

press release





11 (wed) - 28 (sat) November
12:00~19:00 closed on sun & hoildays
live drawing :21st(sat) 12:00~18:30

betweenbooks project vol.4



*Rosslynd Piggott
several types of flight - letters to the sky

27th October - 7th November
12:00~19:00 closed on sun & holiday

drawings 2007-2009




18 (thu) - 23 (fri) October
12:00~19:00 closed on Sun. & Holiday

Suzy Amakane, Keiji Ito, Erika Kobayashi, Imiri Sakabashira




2009 29th July縲�20th August
12:00~19:00 closed on sun and holiday / summer holiday 13th~17th August
temporary closed 6th August

Kiyoshi Awazu, Aquirax Uno, Ushio Shinohra, Keiichi Tanaami, Tadanori Yokoo et al


*Takashi Homma "Trails"

8th(fri) - 30th(sat) May
12:00~19:00 closed on sunday and holiday

Gallery 360 Degrees is pleased to present the new photo works of Takashi Homma "Trails".

The latest photo works during the last winter capturing traces of hunting.
The events operated there have shown the world abstract.

[information for publications]
large photo book "Trails" will be published by Match and Company, Inc.
Special version, with an original print in white cloth case, ed:30 signed and numbered, by Gallery 360


--finished --


April 2 (thu)- 30 (thu), 2009
12:00~19:00 closed on sun & holiday

prnits and original works of Contemporary artists.
Vito Acconci, Shusaku Arakawa, Buckminster Fuller, Christo, Jim Dine, Richard Long et al


-- finished --


2009 March 24(tue) - 31(tue)

Anthology, Exhibition catalog, Photo book et al total around 250 books


--finished --


2009-3-20(fri) /21(sat)
Limited: 60 (each) Charge: 3000-yen
Open: 18:30
Start-Performance: 19:00-19:50
Reception 19:50-20:20

It is a chance that can be listened by closely seeing Yann Tomita.The program becomes the first performance by Tokyo. "Analysis of the biofeedback data in astronaut #ホア" by
Dr.Yann's Bionic Music with Cybernetics & Biofeedback and others,,,.

Testee's brain wave is converted the voltage and generates the musicalsignal.
Man and the machine ally by sound robot and testee's brain waves.

The performance with this gallery becomes holding after an interval of
three years Kosugi Takehisa since then. Please expect it.
We will wait for participation of everybody.

The reservation receipt: In 360ツー in the gallery on Feb. 25 (wed)
TEL: 03-3406-5823/12:00-19:00

-- finished --

*Fumio Tachibana
New Works

March 4 - 19 2009
12:00~19:00 closed on Sun & Holiday

--finished --

*Keiji Ito

Feb. 16 - Mar. 2 2009
12:00~19:00 closed on Sun & Holiday

-- finished --


6th - 20th January 2006

sample, damaged, large format poster.....

past exhibition: 2008

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